The Wokeshop Series By Stephanie Castellanos

Presented by the Alumni Relations & Development Team

6/15 – Self-preservation and Care for Social Impact Leaders –  @5PM PT/ 8PM ET 

This is for leaders working directly with communities of color. Those that often, with good intentions, put the needs of others first, and often don’t hold the mirror up and ask, “What do I need at this moment? How do I create habits of care to help me sustain the work I love?”. Through first, an honest reflection of our current practices of care and joy; second, a series of activities centered in mindfulness and self-care tools/best practices; and third, a greater discussion on collective healing — participants will envision what abundance and joy looks/feels like to them.

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6/29 – Using Your Cultural Capital To Fuel Your Life’s Work –  @5PM PT/ 8PM ET

What is cultural capital? Why is it important to be hyper-aware of the ways to harness this? This WOKESHOP™ aims to not only provide a space of resistance against traditional forms of navigating “professional” spaces, but also provides activities to reflect and hone in on your zone of genius – your talents
and your “why”.

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7/20- Negotiating Your Salary Like A Boss – @5PM PT/ 8PM ET

60% of women say they’ve never negotiated with an employer over pay. For women of color, the gap is even greater. This WOKESHOP™ breaks stigmas and cultural nuances that often hold us back from negotiating our salary. It will provide self-advocating strategies, best practices, tips, and a framework to stand in your power – and negotiate like a Boss.

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8/24 – Topic/Title TBD – 8/24 @5PM PT/ 8PM ET

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Who is Stephanie Castellanos?

Stephanie Castellanos (she/her/ella) is a talent & equity strategist who specializes in building diverse teams and decolonizing the workplace. Over the last decade, Stephanie has matched over 600 leaders to opportunities in social impact and facilitated over 1,000 WOKESHOP™ trainings alongside 20,000 participants across the US.  Her deep commitment to racial equity stems from her experiences as a daughter of immigrants, the product of a single mom, the first person in her family to graduate from high school & college, and as a kid from Inglewood, CA.

What Is A Wokeshop?

A WOKESHOP is created with the experiences of the global majority at the center. WOKESHOPs decolonize career and leadership development — and equip participants with the tools, strategies, and resources to tap into their zone of genius, cultivate their cultural capital, and build a purpose-filled life. They’re self-affirming and strengths-based spaces that push each other to have courageous and raw conversations about the “unwritten rules” of institutions, the way we show-up and navigate the world, and reinforce the power of our telling our stories.

Wokeshops Created & Facilitated by Stephanie Castellanos Copyright 2022


CONCLUDED: 4/27 – Resume Building – @5PM PT/ 8PM ET

Together, we can help all children build the key language and literacy skills they need to take on the world.

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