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Jumpstart’s PGR team attended NAEYC’s Policy forum and advocacy day.

This month Jumpstart’s Policy and Government Relations team joined nearly 400 providers, educators and advocates at National Association for the Education of Young Children’s Policy forum and advocacy day urging federal legislators to #solvechildcare! There is still time for you to join our voices and act by sending your own letter reminding your representatives to support increased federal investment needed to protect the early education system! Link to send letters: https://www.votervoice.net/NAEYC/Campaigns/101148/Respond

Jumpstart CEO Naila Bolus Congratulates Mark Reilly

Jumpstart CEO Naila Bolus Congratulates Mark Reilly on appointment to Undersecretary of Education for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Boston, MA 02/22/23 – On the occasion of today’s announcement of Mark Reilly as Undersecretary & Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Executive Office of Education in Massachusetts, CEO of national nonprofit, Jumpstart for Young Children, Naila Bolus shared the following message:  “We are overjoyed by the news of Mark’s appointment as the Undersecretary & COO of Education for

VP of Policy and Government Relations, speaks about the challenges facing in the early care & education sector

Vice President of Policy and Government Relations, #MarkReilly, discusses the challenges facing the early care and education sector and workforce in the Boston Globe this week! “The early education and child care market is profoundly broken,” said Mark Reilly, vice president of policy and government relations at Jumpstart, a national early education training organization based

Addressing the effects of the pandemic on early learning

To: Education system leaders and policymakers From: Jumpstart for Young Children Re: Addressing the effects of the pandemic on early learning Date: November 17, 2022 The COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed children’s early learning environments. Despite some important benefits such as more time with family and increased exposure to home languages, many infants and young children experienced reduced language input and fewer play interactions—all of which are critical for laying the foundation for later academic success. Recent research has borne this out, finding that children

Legislation Passes in Both California and Massachusetts to Combat Inequitable Use of Exclusionary Discipline in Early Childhood Education

Jumpstart and Partners Lead Efforts for Policy Change.   “When a child is suspended or expelled, they do not receive the benefits that early learning and education provides, and this disproportionately impacts toddlers and preschoolers of color.”  Governor Gavin Newsom of California  Every child deserves the opportunity to learn the foundational skills necessary to succeed later in life. Yet, research shows that children of

Jumpstart Featured in Fortune Magazine

On September 29, 2021, Fortune published an article penned by Jumpstart Vice President of Policy & Government Relations Mark Reilly, entitled “Congress can ensure our children thrive by empowering their educators.” In the piece, Reilly opens with a story about Sarsha Martin, a Jumpstart alumna (and current staff member) who began a career as an early childhood educator, but was dissuaded from continuing in the field by low pay and the pressure of paying off student loan

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