2022 Read for the Record Award Winners

In 2022, over 2 million people participated in Jumpstart’s Read for the Record, the world’s largest shared reading experience, and were able to #DreamBig by reading this year’s selection, Nigel and the Moon by Antwan Eady. The excitement and love for Jumpstart’s Read for the Record enables children and adults to connect in shared reading experiences around the world year after year.

Thousands of schools, districts, and communities participated this year and Jumpstart is thrilled to announce the 2022 Jumpstart Read for the Record First Time Participant, Best Community Celebration, and District of the Year award winners: 

First Time Participant:  

First-time Read for the Record participant who went above and beyond

Trina Jones, McMullan ElementaryHouston, TX

Trina Jones and McMullan Elementary are working to build a new tradition and community of readers since their district hasn’t had librarians in their schools in over 15 years.   

Trina kickstarted this year’s celebration of reading by championing McMullan Elementary’s participation in Read for the Record and Nigel and the Moon was read in English and Spanish with kindergarteners and first graders participating with reading, art, dance, music and technology activities.  

Trina hopes to inspire Read for the Record celebrations across the district, establishing a yearly celebration of reading.

Best Community Celebration: 

A celebration that brought people together (in-person or virtually) 

Shelby Oaks Elementary   - Memphis, TN

Shelby Oaks hosted community members, school board members, and MSCS school officials to join in the reading of Nigel and the Moon. The school was decorated elaborately, and the students created projects describing their dream careers and dressed as their future selves. Second grade students interviewed school personnel to describe what it takes to do their job. QR codes were placed so visitors could scan and see the interviews.

Third, Fourth and Fifth grade students performed songs and music to celebrate the message of the book. Organizations from the community helped to host the event by providing a reception for readers. Shelby Oaks was featured in two local news stations, Channel 5 and Channel 24! 

District of the Year: 

School district that hosted an outstanding Read For the Record Celebration

Fort Worth Independent School District  - Fort Worth, TX

With support from Superintendent Angelica Ramsey, Chief of Academics Marcey Sorenson and Olayinka Ojo, the Executive Director of Early Learning The Early Learning Department at FWISD launched the idea to participate in the Read for the Record Day. The Director of Library Services, Victor Chapa championed the program to all librarians in over 140 campuses. The result was over 90 District Leaders from Superintendent Ramsey to Executive Directors from every department heading to campuses to read to students.

In addition to providing a copy of Nigel and the Moon to every campus, the Early Learning Department provided a book for over 4,500 Prekindergarten students to take home to celebrate the occasion and foster family partnerships around the love of reading.

Jumpstart congratulates all of the winners and thanks all who participated in Jumpstart’s 17th Annual Read for the Record this year! This global commitment to early literacy brings us closer to the day when all children enter kindergarten prepared to succeed.  

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Together, we can help all children build the key language and literacy skills they need to take on the world.

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