25th Anniversary

Chris Hernandez

“It is an incredible honor to see seeds of love, creativity, and inclusiveness blossom yearly into smiling and more empowered children that will be the next generation of community.” Throughout 2019,

Emily Haber

“I think having those young, college corps members bring their enthusiasm to those little children has been critical for so many children in the state over the last 25 years.” Throughout

Raymond Buford

“Jumpstart helped me realize that what I need to be doing throughout my career is giving voice to those who may not have a voice, or shining light on those

Dale Atkins

“As a member of the board for nearly 22 years, I witnessed [the Jumpstart founders’] vision become a reality, changing the lives of children, college students, families, and entire communities

Eric Carle

“Through the simple act of holding your child close while you read to them, you let them know that you care for them, have time for them, and love them.” Throughout

Dr. Joseph I. Castro

“Universities, through our education and our service, can play a role of transforming communities. And Jumpstart, through its strategic focus, really capitalizes on that.” Throughout 2019, in honor of Jumpstart’s 25th

Sharon Scott Chandler

“Over these 25 years, Jumpstart volunteers have impacted the lives of hundreds and hundreds of ABCD’s Head Start children and staff with their enthusiasm, love, and talent. Jumpstart has had

Jess Lazzara

“I always knew I wanted to be in the early childhood field—my second-grade career project will show you that—but the only path I saw prior to Jumpstart was teaching.” Throughout 2019,

Patrick Romero

“I wouldn’t be the teacher I am today, or probably a teacher at all, if it weren’t for Jumpstart.” Throughout 2019, in honor of Jumpstart’s 25th Anniversary, we will be highlighting

Chris Stadler

“Growing up in a small town in New Jersey, my family had a big influence on me. I realized how important it is to have people around growing up that

Together, we can help all children build the key language and literacy skills they need to take on the world.

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