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Use the attached spreadsheet to find your two Senators. Then use the following template, customized as you see fit, to let your elected officials know that early childhood education and care MUST be included in the upcoming reconciliation package. Your elected officials want to hear your voice, your story, and the personal experiences in your community that make early childhood education and care central to your work and life!

While it is ordinarily important to seek bi-partisan support, this is a unique situation because the Senate Democrats are solely involved in this reconciliation process. Accordingly, it is important to reach out to the following leaders in separate correspondences (all contact information is included in the above spreadsheet):

  • Your Democratic Senators (if you live in a state represented by a Democrat) – prepare separate emails to each of the provided Democratic Senators’ education staffers since they are responsible for early education and care
  • Senator Chuck Schumer: Senate Majority Leader, leading negotiations on reconciliation
  • White House staff, representing President Biden

Below is a sample letter that you can either send as is, or you can personalize it.


Dear [insert Senator],

My name is [insert your name] and I am writing as part of the Jumpstart Advocacy Network, which is comprised of individuals from across the country who are passionate about making a difference in young children’s lives. Jumpstart advances equitable learning outcomes for young children in underserved communities by recruiting caring adults to deliver high-quality programming to children and by driving systems change through teaching, advocacy, and leadership. Jumpstart operates in 15 States and Washington, D.C.

 Through my work with Jumpstart, I see firsthand the importance of high-quality early education for our youngest learners: it helps children succeed throughout their academic careers and can help break cycles of poverty. Unfortunately, not all children have access to appropriate care. We need funding now to invest in infrastructure, classroom materials, and high-quality educators.

 Therefore, I urge you to unite behind Senator Murray and Senator Kaine’s new proposal and include a $200 billion investment for early education and care in a final reconciliation bill. This bill will prioritize equitable access to quality early education and ensure that early educators are paid living wages. It is imperative that we invest in recruiting and retaining high-quality early educators.

 We are facing a unique window of opportunity where the country is recognizing the essential role that early care and education plays in child development, job security, and the national economy. As Congress moves forward in negotiations with the reconciliation package, I respectfully request that you do everything in your power to ensure early education and care is included.



Sample Tweets


It is also effective to reach your elected officials on social media. Along with emails to each of your state’s Senators, Leader Schumer, and White House staff, send one of the following draft tweets personalized as you see fit!

When you share, use the hashtag: #keepearlyed and/or #ChildCareNow!

Sample Tweet 1:

 We need relief for the early ed and care sector! I urge you (@SENATEOFFICIAL) to include a $200 billion investment for early education and care in a final reconciliation bill.

Sample Tweet 2:

The pandemic shed light on inequities long present in early ed. As a @Jumpstartkids (supporter, alum, etc.), I know that access to quality early education is essential for children and their families. I urge you (@SENATEOFFICIAL) keep early ed in the final reconciliation bill!

Sample Tweet 3:

Through @Jumpstartkids, I have seen the necessity for quality care for children and increased compensation for educators! (@SENATEOFFICAL), I urge you to keep childcare and early ed as one of your priorities! Include early ed in the final reconciliation bill.

Important note: If you are a current Jumpstart Corps member or have a position which is funded in whole or in part by AmeriCorps (or if your position is used as match on an AmeriCorps grant), you cannot participate in this action step unless you are already off service or work hours and you use your own personal resources, such as a computer, phone, and email account. One way to know if your salary is used on any AmeriCorps grants is if your timesheet has options that include any AmeriCorps commissions. Corps members cannot earn hours to participate in this action and must participate only on their own initiative, using their own personal time, and with their own resources. See below for additional important guidance. Advocacy Compliance Guidance for Jumpstart AmeriCorps Staff and Corps Members:

Jumpstart is a non-partisan, non-profit organization. To comply with the laws regarding 501(c)(3) organizations as well as AmeriCorps regulations, Jumpstart Corps members and staff whose positions are funded in whole, in part, or as match for AmeriCorps grants may not participate in any partisan or seemingly partisan activities during work time charged to an AmeriCorps grant or while earning service hours. Prohibited activities include, but are not limited to: Participating in, or endorsing, events or activities that are likely to include advocacy for or against political parties, political platforms, political candidates, proposed legislation, or elected officials. Jumpstart staff and Corps members may exercise their rights as private citizens and may participate in advocacy, partisan, and campaign activity on their own initiative, using their own personal time, and with their own resources (e.g., personal computers, phones, and email accounts). Individuals are also prohibited from wearing the AmeriCorps logo while participating in any advocacy activities.

For more information, please see the detailed guidance and frequently asked questions provided by AmeriCorps concerning restrictions on legislative lobbying and partisan political activity.


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