Culture & Values

Living Our Values: From Theory to Practice

Core values are only meaningful when they’re lived out each and every day. From our incredible Corps members to our dedicated staff and leadership team, we recognize that we’re stronger and more effective in preparing America’s children when we do it together, so we hold each other mutually accountable for living out these core values at the individual and organizational levels.

From Boston to LA, you will find Jumpstart’s values hanging on office walls, hear staff members talking about our quarterly staff value awards, and even find them listed within our email signatures.



Focus on progress and continuous improvement. Build knowledge, strengthen skill sets, and learn from a diverse set of perspectives.


Create a culture of fun, excitement, and hope. Celebrate success in genuine ways, and champion a compelling vision for the future.


Pursue goals with drive and focus. Face obstacles with courage and conviction, and strive to create long-term impact.


Interact with respect, understanding and care. Consider differing viewpoints while recognizing common goals, feelings and needs.


Forge internal and external partnerships thoughtfully. Build strong relationships that create more substantial results than any individual effort.

Behind the Scenes: The Magic of Working at Jumpstart

Jumpstart’s success depends upon the ability of our passionate and driven staff to perform to their full potential and uphold the inspiring vision that unifies us. To do this, our culture is defined by our core values and reflects our mission.

To better define our shared efforts, we strive to make our organization reflect a classroom environment where we challenge each other to: learn, play, and build relationships.


Never be satisfied with the status quo. We are always striving to improve and become a stronger, better organization. We take risks individually and as an organization in order to feed innovation; we share our lessons learned through evaluation and research to better ourselves and inform other partners in early education.


Working with children, it is important to keep our sense of playfulness alive and well-developed. As staff, we see the benefits of play in increased creativity, innovation, reduced stress, and a more joyful work environment. Through play, we build connections and practice skills that enable us to look at problems from different perspectives.

Build Relationships

Authentic relationships provide the foundation for our unified work together across disciplines, geographies, and functions. Connection within the organization makes our shared work more efficient, enjoyable, and effective.

Together, we can help all children build the key language and literacy skills they need to take on the world.

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