Jumpstart’s Book Recommendations for Pride Month

Celebrate love, diversity, and acceptance this Pride Month with these heartwarming children’s stories. Be sure to check out the recommended activities to explore with a child in your life!

Mama Mommy and Me in the Middle Book Cover

1. Mama and Mommy and Me in the Middle written by Nina LaCour and illustrated by Kaylani Juanita

In this Jumpstart core storybook, a child stays home with Mama when Mommy leaves for a work trip. They do familiar activities with Mama through the week, but they still miss Mommy. After reading the book you and the child may want to act out some of the errands your child does with their family. This might be setting up a “grocery store” with empty boxes, a pretend library, or something else!

2. Grandad’s Pride written and illustrated by Harry Woodgate

When Milly goes to visit her Grandad at his home, she discovers his pride flag and learns some of the history behind pride and Grandad’s connection to it. And since Grandad can’t go to a pride celebration in a big city, she works with the entire community to bring pride to Grandad and the town. After the book, you and the child can work together to make your own mini-celebration. You may want to dress up or make decorations. You may choose to make a banner or signs that celebrate “build[ing] a world where everyone is proud to be themselves.”

Grandad's Pride Book Cover
Dad and Daddy's Big Big Family Book Cover

3. Dad and Daddy’s Big Big Family written by Seamus Kirst, illustrated by Karen Bunting

Harper is going to her first family reunion. Although she’s not sure how everyone will fit into her house, she loves seeing all the different types and ways of being a family. When she learns that you don’t have to live in the same house to be a family she can really enjoy being together. Now, draw your family web. Feel free to include your family, extended family, and chosen family!

4. Call Me Max, Max on the Farm, and Max and the Talent Show written by Kyle Lukoff, illustrated by Luciano Lozano

This series of books features Max and his friends. They are all different from each other, but their differences complement each other to bring adventure and acceptance that allows everyone to be a part of the fun. Consider asking the child you are reading with some of these questions after reading the book: What are some of the things that make you, you? What about your friends? What are similarities between you and your friends? What about your differences help everyone to have more fun? Your child might choose to show their ideas by drawing a picture of them and their friends, acting it out, or even making up a song or a dance. Share with your child what makes you, you also!

Call Me Max Book Cover
Max on the Farm Book Cover
Max and the Talent Show

Together, we can help all children build the key language and literacy skills they need to take on the world.

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