Jumpstart’s May Newsflash

Dear Jumpstart Community,

Graduation season is a pivotal moment that embodies the promise of educational equity, celebrating the culmination of hard work and the boundless potential of our preschool and college students as they step into their future roles as kindergarteners, leaders and changemakers. The sight of students in their cap and gown is a hallmark of spring, and it has brought me great joy to see so many photos of graduating Corps Members, celebrating years of hard work that have led them to the beginning of their professional journeys.

Supporting preschool children for the entire school year is no easy feat, and for our students to do so while managing their own courseloads, jobs, and personal responsibilities is a huge accomplishment. We are who we are because of our community of college students and educators dedicating their time and energy to improving children’s lives.

At Jumpstart, we know that students don’t succeed on their own, but also because of the daily work of their educators and supporters in and out of schools. Congratulations to our Corps Members and educators for another successful school year! We look forward to celebrating your career successes as you begin the next chapter of your lives.

As we look back on this year, we celebrate all that we have accomplished together and encourage you to learn more about our work in the 2022-2023 Annual Report. We are also reflecting on ways to deepen our impact next year as we step forward as an organization. We will modernize how we do our work, becoming more agile and creating greater impact. We will also elevate our national voice and profile; by working collaboratively to create and share our stories of impact across platforms we will better share our expertise, knowledge, and conviction about what the early care and education space requires and deserves. Finally, we will also continue to strengthen our efforts by building and nurturing our dedicated community of supporters.

Stepping into the future will require continued determination to create an equitable early care and education system as well as innovations to make our shared goals a reality. I know that together, we are making a meaningful difference in reaching today’s children and tomorrow’s educators.

I look forward to continuing this important work with you all and anticipate great things to come.


Crystal Rountree, CEO

Crystal Rountree

Program Updates

Across our national network, program sites are wrapping up in classroom sessions with our preschool partners and winding down for the year. Corps Members are saying goodbye to their partner children and celebrating all that they’ve achieved this year, and in some cases preparing for their own graduations!

GWU 2024 Graduating Jumpstart Corps Member
GWU Graduating Jumpstart Corps Class of 2024
GWU 2024 Graduating Jumpstart Corps Member

Read for the Record

Last month, we were excited to announce that Jumpstart’s 19th Annual Read for the Record Daywill be held on October 24, 2024. On that day, millions of people will come together to read Piper Chen Sings, co-authored by award-winning actress and singer Phillipa Soo (“Hamilton”) and Maris Pasquale Doran and illustrated by Qin Leng. Thousands of schools, libraries, and community organizations will celebrate early literacy by reading this empowering story of self-expression, overcoming self-doubt, and the ways family relationships can support us.

Piper Chen Sings is a story about a young girl who loves to express herself through singing but is struck with self-doubt and nervousness when asked to perform a solo in front of an audience. Piper tells her Nai Nai (grandmother) that she felt “like butterflies were having a dance party” in her belly; she doesn’t feel she can sing in front of others without making a mistake. Thankfully, Nai Nai teaches Piper that feeling butterflies means “something exciting was ahead”, and that recognizing and welcoming that anxious feeling would help it pass. Nai Nai’s advice empowers Piper, who finds her voice on stage.

We look forward to celebrating with you this October! Copies of Piper Chen Sings are available for pre-order NOW!

Phillipa Quote IG

Site Spotlight

Earlier this spring, 35 volunteers from NYC partner organizations joined Pace University Corps Members and Jumpstart staff at the NYC office to assemble 300 literacy kits! These kits will be distributed at children’s museum events. A big thank you to our amazing team at Pace University, including community engagement manager Kayla Hernandez, Site Manager Sarah Delannoy, and Michelle Bianchi, for organizing and to our friends at CVC, City’s First Readers, and Glendower Capital for joining us and making the office’s first community event a success!

Pace University Corps Members and Jumpstart staff at the NYC office 2024
Pace University Corps Members and Jumpstart staff at the NYC office 2024

Work With Us

You are invited to share the opportunities below with your networks and we welcome your referrals!

Jumpstart is committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), and we encourage candidates to demonstrate an ongoing commitment and interest in social justice or DEI work. To learn more about Jumpstart’s current employment opportunities, visit us at Careers – Jumpstart.

Together, we can help all children build the key language and literacy skills they need to take on the world.

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