Jumpstart’s February Newsflash

Dear Jumpstart,

This Black History Month, I have been deeply contemplating the history of Black resilience, courage, and determination. It is a history of steadfast belief in a better, fairer future, even in the face of overwhelming challenges and barriers. It is a belief in breaking down barriers that should never have existed and overcoming unjust obstacles that have been placed in our path. Black history is not just a narrative of oppression; it is a testament to the power of community and love in overcoming adversity.

Whether it is thousands marching in the streets or four college volunteers supporting a classroom, Jumpstart believes in the transformative power of caring, loving communities. True power is not only found in the halls of government but also in the everyday decisions and actions of individuals who strive to uplift others. History is made when individuals unite in purpose and objective, and change occurs when communities persistently demand it.

The fight for equal access to quality education has been central to the Black experience and struggle in the United States. That is why Jumpstart is proud to continue in our work to create a more equitable society by providing early care and education support in underserved, historically marginalized communities. This month, our newsletter focuses on ways in which individuals can come together, combining their power for the greater good. This includes an update on this year’s Corps Member enrollment and the first of our advocacy trainings, “It’s Time to ACT.” We also invite you to explore our Black History Month book recommendations to read with the children in your lives.

We hope that this newsletter offers a chance to reflect on your ally-ship and advocacy for Black people worldwide. Change will come when we realize our collective power and fight with love for each other’s well-being.

In partnership and power,

Crystal Rountree, CEO

Program and Policy Updates


Jumpstart has recently hit a huge milestone: enrolling over 2,000 Corps Members across Jumpstart’s national network this academic year!

Sites have been working diligently on recruiting and enrolling Corps Members into their programs, and this marks reaching 75% of this year’s enrollment goal. Jumpstart Corps Members will serve 8,000+ children in classrooms by June, supporting over 500 classrooms across the country.

Welcome new Corps Members, we look forward to working with you to provide children quality learning opportunities establishing the foundation of their future academic success!


Jumpstart’s Policy & Government Relations team held the inaugural Advocacy Circle Time (ACT) training last week and it was a tremendous success! The ACT trainings will take place four times this year, and participants will learn how to engage in advocacy to support our earliest learners and educators. The first ACT training, “It’s Time To ACT,” focused on how you can use your voice on behalf of children and educators. It began with building relationships within the ACT community and ended with individuals familiarizing themselves with their respective government representatives and legislators. You can catch the recording here and stay up to date on advocacy opportunities by signing up here. Your voice matters!


Black History Month Book Recommendations

This Black History Month, we are honoring Black stories. One way to uplift Black joy this February and all year long is by sharing in a read aloud! Check out some of these recommended books and read them with the children in your lives.

Read for the Record

Earlier this month, the 2023 Read for the Record award winners joined a special “Valentine’s Week” virtual reading of With Lots of Love by the author Jenny Torres Sanchez! Students had the chance to ask Jenny questions about her inspiration for the book as well as her writing process, and it was a wonderful celebration to wrap up another incredible year of Read for the Record.

Don’t forget to shop Jumpstart’s Read for the Record FLASH SALE before the month ends! Individual books and cases are up to 75% OFF until February 29th. Copies of With Lots of Love and our previous three selections are still available. And don’t miss the Bundle Deal, where if you buy two cases, you get a third for FREE!

Site Spotlight

Jumpstart CEO, Crystal Rountree had her first official Jumpstart site visit at Kennesaw State University (KSU) in late January. Along with Jumpstart staff members, Crystal met with seven KSU Corps Members, Dean of the Bagwell College of Education at KSU, Adrian Epps and other key staff at KSU, as well as foundation partners. Conversations centered on the incredible work being done at KSU and observing a Jumpstart session in action at a preschool partner. The day was joyous and truly modeled the magic that occurs when a dedicated team comes together in support of our earliest learners.

Work With Us

We invite you to share the below opportunities with your networks and we welcome your referrals!

Jumpstart is committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), and we encourage candidates to demonstrate an ongoing commitment and interest in social justice or DEI work. To learn more about Jumpstart’s current employment opportunities, visit us at Careers – Jumpstart.

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