Jumpstart Advocacy February Newsletter

Do you love advocacy?

We know you do because you are a Jumpstart alum, staff member, donor, or partner who has worked alongside us to actualize our mission that all children enter kindergarten prepared to succeed. Whether you acted to support a child, team member, family, yourself, or our Jumpstart community, you are already an advocate. If you haven’t yet, please make it official by joining our Jumpstart Advocates for Change community.

As part of this community, we will learn, grow, and act together to ensure our elected officials are giving early care and education the funding and respect it deserves so all children and educators can thrive. To help you build your advocacy toolbox, we are offering four free educational trainings in 2024. Our inaugural It’s Time to ACT (Advocacy Circle Time) will be held on 2.22.24 at 2 pm EST . During our first ACT training, we will begin to build a community that will advocate and work together to bring about systemic change to our early care and education system.

The current state of our early care and education system perpetuates historical inequities, affecting educators, children, and families. This complex history, intertwined with racism and misogyny, tells us a story of enslaved Black women who became the first caregivers entrusted to care for the children of their enslavers, all while anti-literacy laws barred them and other Black people from receiving an educationIssues such as limited access to education and the undervaluation of early educators persist, disproportionately impacting children and women of color. These truths underscore the urgent need for systemic change as literacy is the civil rights issue of our time.

We know people make choices, and choices make history. That is why we love advocacy, and this is where you come in. We’re calling on advocates like you to turn your lived experience and passion into action and join us as we turn a new page in history and work together to reimagine an early care and education system that’s equitable and accessible for all.

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Together, we can help all children build the key language and literacy skills they need to take on the world.

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