New Year, New Actions – Jumpstart Advocacy

A new year brings with it new opportunities and a fresh new start. It can also mean new resolutions. That is why this year we hope that you will resolve to be an early education advocate and join the new Jumpstart Advocates for Change community.

At Jumpstart for Young Children, we are working to transform early education. One way we are working to achieve that transformation is by utilizing grassroots policy advocacy to drive systemic change. That is why this year we are relaunching our advocacy community, Jumpstart Advocates for Change. With your support, we will transform early education from the community to the classroom to Capitol Hill so that all children can enter kindergarten prepared to succeed. We hope that you will continue to be a part of our journey and invite others to join us! The good news is if you received this email directly you are already a member of the Jumpstart Advocates for Change community! If this email was forwarded to you, you can join our advocacy community and stay connected by clicking the button below.

To kick off the new year and the new relaunch of our advocacy community, we will begin hosting free virtual educational advocacy webinars that we will call: It’s Time to ACT (Advocacy Circle Time). Advocacy Circle Time, like circle time in early education settings, will be your opportunity to come together with fellow advocates from across the country and engage in activities and discussions. Specifically, during Advocacy Circle Time, Jumpstart Advocates for Change will learn how you can use your voice to transform early education and care. Our first inaugural Advocacy Circle Time will be held on Thursday, February 22, 2024, at 2pm EST.

To kick off the new year and the new advocacy community, we want to introduce you to the team that will be working to help create meaningful advocacy opportunities for Jumpstart Advocates like you.

My name is Adanech Makey (she/her), and I am the Director of Civic Engagement and Advocacy at Jumpstart. In this role I lead the Jumpstart Advocates for Change community. Some things I love about advocacy are meeting passionate people, building new relationships, and connecting people. I also love seeing those most impacted by an issue being involved in the decision-making process.

My name is Kate Warren-Barnes (she/her), and I am the Vice President of Policy and Government Relations at Jumpstart. I am passionate about grassroots advocacy because it is a tool for people and communities with lived experience to build power through the sharing of their stories and the development of relationships.

My name is Ryan Corrigan (he/him), and I am the Policy Advocacy and Programs Fellow Sponsored by the FAO Schwarz Foundation. Engaging in advocacy excites me because I love to see my community empowered and engaged to drive the policymaking that impacts them.

My name is Sabrina Abreu (she/her), and I am the Policy Advocacy and Programs Fellow Sponsored by the FAO Schwarz Foundation. My favorite thing about advocacy is its capacity to unite people and foster a sense of community to pursue a common goal. We often think about advocacy work as a means to drive policy change, but its potential for community building and social bonding is another great value!

We hope you stay tuned for all that this new year offers and that we see you at our first It’s Time to ACT (Advocacy Circle Time) webinar on Thursday February 24 at 2pm EST. Don’t forget to register for the event.

Thank you for being a Jumpstart Advocate for Change and for your support of our shared mission to ensure every child enters kindergarten prepared to succeed.

Together, we can help all children build the key language and literacy skills they need to take on the world.

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