How we honor Juneteenth at Jumpstart

How we honor Juneteenth at Jumpstart

As we celebrate Juneteenth and the anniversary of the end of legalized slavery in the US, we are reminded of slavery’s impact on the past and present of our country. At Jumpstart, we work with purpose towards educational equity for young children, which requires correcting inequities initially caused by slavery and maintained through lasting and ongoing systemic racism.

The impact of generations of slavery and subsequent oppression of Black Americans is clear and much has been written on the racial wealth and income disparities in the United States. White Americans, on average, earn and have more money than Black Americans and the net wealth of the average Black family is just one tenth that of the average white family. This wealth gap can partly be attributed to many of the roles traditionally held by Black people, especially Black women, including caregiving and early education, being consistently devalued. These roles in particular are drastically underpaid, with many states not paying a living wage to early childhood educators. Even with these low wages throughout the sector, Black childcare providers on average still earn less per hour than their white counterparts.

It does not have to be this way. Through our deep commitment to training, supporting, and advocating for early care and education workers, Jumpstart aims to build a more equitable early care and education ecosystem where all caregivers and educators can thrive.

Together, we can honor Juneteenth by working to dismantle and counter the lasting effects of slavery, ensuring a better future for our children and the adults that do the important work to support them.

Be sure to check out our book recommendation: Juneteenth for Mazie by Floyd Cooper.

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