Celebrating Immigrant Heritage Month

As a global community, Jumpstart’s Read for the Record celebrates the beauty, uniqueness, and commonalities among our world’s diverse cultures. Despite many notable differences among cultures, one feature stands consistent across all groups; a desire to make a home with loved ones.

This year’s Read for the Record book selection, With Lots of Love, highlights immigrant families, the love they share, and their attempts to stay connected across long distances. The story follows a young girl named Rocio, who deeply misses her Abuela after immigrating from Central America to the United States with her parents. Her Abuela sends Rocio a birthday gift that reminds her of the love Rocio and Abuela share, and this gift fills Rocio to the brim.

Stories like these–of families maintaining their love across long distances–are central to the American identity. We aim to uplift these experiences through our Read for the Record book selection, because all learners deserve books that serve as windows and mirrors; stories where they learn and gain understanding and empathy about the experiences of others as well as ones where they can see their own experiences reflected.

Celebrate stories of immigration this Immigrant Heritage Month by participating in Read for the Record and ordering With Lots of Love.


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