Understanding Structural Racism

Earlier today, Jumpstart CEO Naila Bolus shared a video address with the Jumpstart community to speak up on the fatal police shooting of Daunte Wright and the trial of Derek Chauvin. In this video, Naila provides some continued reflections on the structural roots of racism and how Jumpstart’s commitment to anti-racism is deeply and inextricably connected to our mission.

“We in the education space can’t separate our mission from the work of dismantling racist structures and systems. In fact… those very systems are the reason that Jumpstart exists at all. When we talk about closing the opportunity gap and educational inequity, it is because of those very racist systems and structures.” – Naila Bolus

In the video, Naila highlights an important resource for understanding structural racism, The Groundwater Approach, by the Racial Equity Institute. Below, we are also sharing resources for navigating conversations with children about trauma, race, and culture, as well as some links that may help you support your own mental health. Be well, and take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

Resources for Supporting Young Children

Resources for Supporting Adult Mental Health

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