Jumpstart Alumni Survey Executive Summary

In 2019, Jumpstart surveyed our recent Corps Member alumni to gather their valuable insight about the Jumpstart experience and how it has shaped their professional journey. In this executive summary, we highlight the data we uncovered and provide a deeper look into the Jumpstart experience through an alum’s eyes.

What the data says:
Three-quarters of alumni pursue a career serving populations considered to be low-income and over half pursue work in early education.

Overall, our young alumni agree that their experience as Jumpstart Corps Members influenced them in a myriad of ways, from deepening the connection they felt to their college community to exposing them to careers in early childhood education. No matter their career choice, the data shows that college students develop strong views on early education and the importance of serving others during their time with Jumpstart and that these views remain with them and guide them even after graduation.

Read the full Alumni Survey Executive Summary here.

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