Supporting Young Children in Difficult Times: Jumpstart’s Response to the Assault on the Capitol

As we continue to grapple with the assault on American democracy that occurred in our nation’s Capitol on Wednesday, we want to support our community as you stand with your students and one another.

Jumpstart’s mission to advance equitable learning outcomes for all young children has never been more vital. This mission demands that we continue to confront the realities of systemic racism and champion social justice. Indeed, education is the bedrock of our democracy, preparing the next generation of just and bold leaders.

This week, not only was the Capitol breeched by supporters of President Trump, in an act of domestic terrorism, but law enforcement’s response to that act stood in stark contrast to previous demonstrations, such as the most recent Black Lives Matter marches. Our democracy was attacked twice: first by assaulting the Capitol building and again by highlighting that our citizens are not treated the same due to systemic racism.

These were a dark few days for our country and yet these days have shed light and helped us affirm why Jumpstart’s mission and core values of learning, social justice, community, inclusive leadership, and joy are so critical. As you continue to process these recent events, may you be reminded of the excitement and hope that we so often see expressed by the children in our program, and may we continue to work toward the day when every child in America enters kindergarten prepared to succeed.

Preparation for success means access to quality resources and opportunities. You are likely aware of many; however, we want to suggest these and encourage you to help us build a more robust toolkit. Explore these resources:

Naila Bolus
President & CEO

President & CEO at Jumpstart

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