Jumpstart Seeks Research & Evaluation Consultant

June 8, 2018 (BOSTON) — Jumpstart is currently soliciting proposals from qualified research firms or individuals to provide us with strategic guidance on selecting a tool or tools — with a focus on language and literacy, social-emotional skills, and/or kindergarten readiness — for its short-term summer intervention.

For young children, summer learning can have a significant impact on their readiness for school. In some school districts and community-based settings, particularly in under-served areas, summer programming lacks an intentional curriculum and provides few enrichment experiences. In an attempt to address this need, Jumpstart has developed a new summer program that will allow us to serve over 1,200 children across seven states and the District of Columbia during the summer of 2018.

Jumpstart’s summer programming represents a change in format and duration (from approximately 32 weeks of service to 10) from its school-year programming. Given these differences, the overarching goal of this request is to understand whether our current methods of assessment are appropriate or if a new tool is needed to assess children receiving this short-term intervention.

Click here to read the full RFP or to submit a proposal.

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