Congratulations, Jumpstart Graduates!

Around the country this month, in addition to completing their last year of service with Jumpstart, many Jumpstart Corps members are also celebrating their college graduations! Many will continue to work in the education field and perform service work, taking their passion for educational equity with them. No matter what path they’re on, we’re confident that these new graduates will go into the world ready to make a difference.

As they celebrate their special day, we want to congratulate all of our Jumpstart graduates on this milestone and share some of the incredible contributions our Corps members have made in their time at Jumpstart. Here is a glimpse of just some of the amazing graduates across the country:


University of Connecticut

“We are going to miss her amazing contributions to the program here at UConn and wish to recognize her for all that she has done to make this program better!” — Jasmine Clayton, Site Manager


Howard University

“In the classroom, she is consistently intentional — constantly incorporating the needs, wants, and interests of the children to create an inclusive classroom. Her leadership skills have helped cultivate amazing Corps members, who are equally as dedicated and committed as she is.” — Kenya Johnson, Site Manager


Rutgers University, Newark

“Through working with Jumpstart, Shakira has developed a love for teaching and working with children. Shakira has been accepted into Teach For America and looks forward to teaching in New Jersey in the Fall of 2018.” — Zakkiyyah Sally, Site Manager


Fordham University

“Over the past three years, Gabriella has excelled at making adaptations for Dual Language Learners, and really shined this year as a Team Leader. We are so excited for her to continue her classroom work in NYC with Fordham’s Graduate School of Education.” — Katie Ilacqua, Program Director


San Francisco State University

“Christian is an excellent ambassador for Jumpstart and the early education field not only because he is highly dedicated to the work, but he is confident in spreading the word about the importance of the work that we do to help children prepare for kindergarten. Christian plans to pursue a career in education after obtaining his degree from SF State.” — Angela Aquilizan, Site Manager

Kaetyln and Dominique

Georgia State University

“As Team Leaders, Kaetyln and Dominique were instrumental in offering support to their team members and made sure session run smoothly. We will truly miss them and wish them great success in their new chapter of life!” — Kimberly Baker, Site Manager


Georgetown University

“Ben has shown a passion for working with our students and engaging deeply with issues of social justice that affect those we serve and their families. Next year, he will bring his expertise and experience from Jumpstart to another classroom, as he goes on to serve with Teach for America.” — Melissa Bernard, Site Manager


University of Connecticut

“Abby communicates effectively with her site managers and team members, provides thoughtful contributions during team leader meetings, and is always attentive, creative, and kind.” — Jasmine Clayton, Site Manager


California State University, Northridge

“Her friendly and JOYFUL personality make everyone she meets smile and in our line of work-it’s a must! This summer she has been offered a position with Bright Horizons and w’re excited to see her continue her journey in the education field.” — Osvaldo Cabadas, Site Manager


Emerson College

“As a Communication Sciences and Disorders major, Kristina has applied her studies in the Jumpstart classroom and used her expereince working with students to inform her academics.” — Ruben Raskin, Site Manager


George Washington University

“Caleb is thoughtful, understanding, and supportive — he is a role model for Corps members and the children we serve. When he graduates he will go on to work at the Nashman Center on campus.” — Rochelle Yancey, Site Manager


University of Connecticut

“She has been a tremendous support for her fellow team leaders this year — she assists when they need help, sets a positive example, and is just plain awesome!” — Jasmine Clayton, Site Manager


California State University, Northridge

“Tori has embodied Jumpstart’s core value of determination as both a Corps member and an intern. Tori took on the Corps member role and continuously showed her devotion to early education.” — Osvaldo Cabadas, Site Manager


Temple University

“Over the three years, Courtney served at three different program partners, making close connections with children and teachers at all sites. She has completed over 1000 hours of service, included almost 400 this past program year!” — Nicholas Adams, Site Manager


University of Connecticut

“Melissa provides support to all the team leaders, patiently responding to their questions and serving as a model for them in professionalism and organization.” — Jasmine Clayton, Site Manager


Southern CT State University

“Caitlyn is a true leader and an inspiration. She graduates with a degree in Communication Disorders, with aspirations to become a speech pathologist, and is pursuing her Masters degree this Fall.” — Amy Piccirillo, Site Manager

Together, we can help all children build the key language and literacy skills they need to take on the world.

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