Now Hiring: Child Care Alliance of Los Angeles

Los Angeles

The Child Care Alliance of Los Angeles is a partnership of 10 community-based Resource and Referral (R&R) and Alternative Payment (AP) organizations working together to ensure the delivery of seamless, consistent and quality child care throughout the Los Angeles County. Its unique and innovative organization is committed to excellence and seeks employees who care deeply about making a difference to strengthen families and improve the lives of children. From the moment you join the Child Care Alliance, you’ll be immersed in an environment rich with challenges and opportunities.

The Child Care Alliance is seeking dedicated and talented individuals to join the team in the following roles:

QRIS Outreach and Training Associate: The QRIS Outreach and Training Associate will assist and support the QRIS Program Manager and Parent Education Coordinator in implementing the Parent Education model by providing organizational support, outreach, logistics, and communications support as well as providing technical assistance to QSLA providers. For more information click here.

QRIS Technical Assistance Specialist: The QRIS Technical Assistance Specialist will play a key role in providing QSLA participants with consistent, effective, technical assistance related to the QRIS assessment and rating process. For more information click here.

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