Filled with Interest and Wonder: Q&A with San Francisco Scribbles to Novels Author Adonal Foyle

Scribbles to Novels celebrates the power of the written word while raising funds to support Jumpstart’s programming. Our Scribbles to Novels gala in San Francisco will take place on April 26th and will feature author and former NBA player Adonal Foyle. His children’s book Too-Tall Foyle Makes the Team was inspired by his childhood in Saint Vincent and his love of basketball. 

What is your favorite part of the writing process?
Absolutely the end result. When the book box arrives and you carefully open it, peeling back the sides, reaching in through the plastic, and you pull out the book — the end result of much effort, time, and collaboration is the best part!

What inspired you to write the Too-Tall Foyle series?
I was back home in Saint Vincent for our annual youth camp tour and while sitting near the court observing the children play and laugh, a friend of mine said — “You know, you should really write a book to share your story.” A few months later, we collaborated on the project and Too-Tall Foyle came to life!

How did your childhood and your career with the NBA motivate you to become a writer?
My early childhood was filled with interest and wonder. Growing up on a small island, you use your imagination to wander the world, and when I discovered books, I realized I could go anywhere! When I was lucky enough to enter the NBA, that platform expanded my horizons even more because of what I was exposed too, including traveling and visiting book stores all over the world. This really encouraged me to write more.

What was your favorite book when you were growing up?
James and the Giant Peach.

At Jumpstart, storybooks offer a way to connect with preschoolers and to build their language and literacy skills, helping prepare them for kindergarten. Why are reading and early literacy important to you?
Reading and early literacy are extremely important to me. Inspiring a love of learning at an early age is an important lesson we should instill in our children as soon as possible. Shapes, colors, sounds, love, and joy are all ingredients in most storybooks, so exposing children to them is paramount.

What inspired you to found the Kerosene Lamp Foundation? 
The Foundation encourages young adults to become healthy community leaders through basketball. Growing up, the kerosene lamp offered my only light in the pitch-black nights on the island. As kerosene was very expensive, my grandmother limited the amount of time the lamp burned each night, so I took advantage of every minute. By the warm glow of the lamp, I read of places and possibilities far beyond my island home and learned to dream big dreams. Through hard work and determination, I have been able to turn those dreams into reality.

Join us for our Scribbles to Novels gala in San Francisco on Thursday, April 26, to meet Adonal Foyle. 

Together, we can help all children build the key language and literacy skills they need to take on the world.

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