Meet the Operations Division

The Operations Division represents 80% of the staff at Jumpstart. Our work is divided into 9 departments: Business Development, Field Management (Data Analysis), Field Operations (the implementation of our programming),  Finance, Grants Management, Legal and Compliance, Operations, Talent Management, and Technology and Systems. The Operations Division is responsible for bringing the vision and mission of Jumpstart to life both in the classroom and behind the scenes with solid management, business practices and planning. As the Chief Operations Officer, it is my joy to lead this division and play a role in guiding the future of this incredible organization. Below you can find more information on each of the departments that work collaboratively to ensure all children enter kindergarten prepared to succeed. — Jennifer Templeman, Chief Operating Officer


Business Development

This department is about crafting the future of Jumpstart by creating and managing relationships to generate locations and partners for Jumpstart’s future programming. This team looks at where need and the desire of a community intersect with the programming Jumpstart can provide to launch new locations and broaden our ability to serve more children year over year.

Field Management

This department was created to support continuous improvement. No matter how well we are doing at the moment, Jumpstart is always striving to improve our results. By collecting and analyzing internal data on performance, efficiency, trends and anomalies, we are driven to make better decisions to change behaviors in ways that are supported by past performance as predictive indicators for future results. This group is also dedicated to supporting the creation of resources that enable staff in the field (such as site managers at universities) to be more effective.

Field Operations and Strategy

This is the single largest department at Jumpstart because it is comprised of all sites where the Jumpstart program is implemented. Site Managers, Program Directors, Senior Directors and a VP of Field Operations and Strategy all work together with our Corps members to bring Jumpstart to life for 12,500 children across the country. This is the department where the mission of the organization directly comes to life in nearly 650 preschool classrooms each year.

Operations brings together a diverse group of staff with backgrounds ranging from business management, accounting, communications, education, technology, marketing, law, political science and social work. While much of our work is behind the scenes, each person demonstrates a dedication to the work being done in the field and can directly tie department goals to the success of what is happening in the classroom.


This team manages all of the aspects of the organization that typically fall under the accounting description: accounts payable, billing and receivables, payroll, reconciliations, and stipend processing. They are also accountable for holding our financial procedures to the highest level of quality to ensure we receive clean audits, which qualifies us to apply for funding from AmeriCorps and other government funders.

Grants Management

Jumpstart receives more than $15,000,000 in grants from federal and state funders as well as from foundations and corporate support. Every contribution is tracked and reported on in order to ensure we are stewarding the funds given to us in a way that both honors what the funder intended and allows us to maximize the number of children who receive quality programming. This department also oversees the creation of the annual budget for the entire organization.

Legal and Compliance

Jumpstart is a proud member of the National Service community and receives over $7,500,000 in funding from AmeriCorps and Foster Grandparents to implement our programs. These funds require the organization to function in very specific ways and to monitor compliance to all federal, state, local and funder regulations. This team provides training to the network, monitors our adherence to guidelines, and supports staff in understanding all the requirements for their work.


With our organization operating in 13 states plus the District of Columbia, we must be intentional in how we share information and resources. Operations supports our internal communication, the collection of information to report on our progress on internal goals (our balanced scorecard preparation) and the disbursement of collateral including recruitment materials and uniforms for Corps members.

Talent Management

More than just Human Resources, this department not only implements benefits, and fair employment practices, but they also recruit new talent to join our organization, oversee the onboarding and orientation of new hires, support staff engagement and professional development, and provides a leading voice in Jumpstart’s defined commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Technology and Systems

More than just computers, our technology and systems team supports a vibrant network of systems to gather, analyze, store and share information about our organization at every level. They provide connection across the country and make our work more effective and efficient.

Together, we can help all children build the key language and literacy skills they need to take on the world.

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