Running The Boston Marathon In Support Of Jumpstart: Meet Sam Lee

The Boston Marathon will be held on Monday, April 16, 2018. Jumpstart is proud to be an official Non-Profit Partner of the John Hancock Marathon Non-Profit Program. The program donates over 1,000 Boston Marathon® bibs to select organizations throughout the community, providing them with a significant fundraising opportunity. This year, we are thrilled that two runners are participating on behalf of Jumpstart: Sam Lee, a runner from Hong Kong, and Boston-based Jumpstart Site Manager Kim Monaco. Read on below to learn more about Sam and click here to read about Kim.

How did you decide to run and participate via CharityTeams?
I’ve had the running bug for a few years now and one of my personal goals is to complete all six major marathons — so the Boston Marathon is a must!

Have you run in other marathons before?
I ran Tokyo and Chicago marathons last year — both were amazing. But this will be my first time running the Boston Marathon.

I have already run two marathons and for my third I wanted to go through a charity team because what better way to give back to society than through something you are passionate about!

Why did you choose to run for Jumpstart? 
Organizations that help children in need have always been very meaningful to me. As a father, and someone who enjoys a good [and fair] race, the following quote from Jumpstart really resonated with me: “Imagine starting a race knowing everyone will get a head start, except for you. Not exactly fair, is it? Jumpstart is a proven solution to a huge issue. Children who start kindergarten behind their peers tend to stay behind and never catch up.”

You are travelling a long distance to run in this race — all the way from Hong Kong! What are you looking forward to while visiting Boston?
I have visited Boston several times for work, so I am really thrilled to come back to experience and enjoy the lovely city in a different way by running the Marathon. I’m also excited about trying a lobster roll and the famous cream pie!

Will any of your friends or family be at the race with you?
One of my really good friends from Hong Kong will also be running, so we will be cheering each other on!

Do you have a favorite workout song that you listen to while running?
When training, I usually like to listen to the latest chart hits — to make sure I keep up with the times! During races, I don’t listen to music because I like to soak up the atmosphere through all my senses.

What is your favorite part about running?
I have been running regularly for four years now, but started with a lot of trail running. I only started running marathons in 2017. I love running in different places and routes because it allows you to experience and see new and (hopefully) beautiful things. Also, if you’re lucky enough to get it, the “runner’s high” is awesome!

Jumpstart promotes early literacy and the importance of reading with young children — do you remember what your favorite book to read was when you were a child?
When I was younger, I loved to read the Mr. Men series by Robert Hargreaves, particularly Mr. Strong. I also really enjoyed reading The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson with my son when he was younger — he’s now 10 and onto reading Harry Potter by himself!

Jumpstart is so appreciative of Sam’s support of our work, and we can’t wait to cheer him on at the Boston Marathon on April 16. Good luck, Sam!

Together, we can help all children build the key language and literacy skills they need to take on the world.

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