Daily Trojan: Honest to Pod

March 1, 2018 (LOS ANGELES) — Earlier this month, Jumpstart Corps member, Karan Nevatia, wrote a story about podcasts for kids in University of Southern California’s Daily Trojan newspaper. In addition to being the paper’s news editor, Karan writes a weekly column called “Honest to Pod,” where he discusses various topics through the lens of the increasingly popular podcast world. This week’s topic highlighted children’s natural curiosity and how easily they can be engaged on topics when they’re presented in a fun and interesting way, like a podcast full of sounds and different voices. This is also something that parallels Karan’s daily life as a Jumpstart Corps member who serves preschool children from the local community, helping them succeed in kindergarten and beyond.

‘But when 3-year-olds discover these simple beauties of life for the first time, their fascination, the bright smiles that envelope their faces, their innocent voices shouting, “Teacher Karan! I can see my face in the paper! [mirror],” remind me of the amazing world around us that I too often take for granted.’

From his own experience working with children in early education, Karan reminds us that podcasts can be for any generation, and that children can be just as insightful as an adult especially when we’re able to encourage and support their learning.

Read the full article at dailytrojan.com.

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