Tufts Daily: Leadership Change Revitalizes Tufts’ Chapter of Jumpstart

February 21, 2018 (BOSTON) ā€” Jumpstart’s Tufts University site was recently recognized in the university’sĀ Tufts Daily newspaper for the revitalization that Site Manager Chris Hernandez has brought to the program. Hernandez’s enthusiasm for Jumpstart and knowledge of the importance of early childhood education stems from his own time as a Jumpstart Corps member when he was in college in Texas. Since last spring, the Tufts program has more than tripled, with 39 Corps member volunteers who serve six classrooms in the local community. Additionally, like many Jumpstart sites, the team has also sought to increase campus-wide involvement in giving back to the community beyond Jumpstart sessions in the classroom.

“The biggest change this year is really reaching out to the Tufts community at large. You can’t get work done by yourself, and this is a huge mission.”

“I value each of our students that take on this mission, because for a college student with a full course load to sign up for 300 hours of service, that’s a big deal…. [It] really comes down to their dedication, their passion, and their integrity to complete this successfully for the kids.”

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