Study Breaks: How the AmeriCorps Gives Preschoolers a Jumpstart in Education

November 27, 2017 (BOSTON) — Jumpstart was recently featured in Emerson College’s Study Breaks Magazine. The article highlights how Jumpstart, as part of the AmeriCorps national service network, helps to provide high-quality early education opportunities to children from low-income communities.

While Jumpstart’s program supports the academic achievements of preschoolers with a curriculum focused on language, literacy, and social-emotional skills, the program is also extremely beneficial for the college students who volunteer to work with the preschoolers. These volunteers, known as Corps members, are often already pursing careers in education, and Jumpstart provides firsthand experience in the classroom. Many Corps members also quality for stipends or education awards through AmeriCorps or Federal Work Study, helping to support their college educations. Through their service, Jumpstart Corps members learn important skills that will benefit them no matter where their career path takes them, skills such as leadership, time management, and even cultural competency.

Corps members need to have a cultural awareness and sensitivity to children who come from different types of homes. As a Jumpstart corps member, you need to learn how to honor a child’s values while also exposing them to other ways of thinking…Validating the efforts of the children helps to create persistence and self motivation.


Together, we can help all children build the key language and literacy skills they need to take on the world.

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