Policy Update & Call to Action for Alumni

Jumpstart’s Vice President of Policy & Government Relations Mark Reilly meeting with U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts about Jumpstart and AmeriCorps. Will you do your part too?

Think back to your time in Jumpstart. Was your service in Jumpstart meaningful to you? Did you have an impact on your partner children? Do you think more young leaders should have the same opportunity to serve? Should more young children be given the chance to strive to reach their potential? Yes, we think so too!

The future of national service, however, is under threat, and now is the time to stand up and ensure its protection. The Trump Administration has proposed to entirely eliminate AmeriCorps. That means that Jumpstart — which receives 40% of its funding from AmeriCorps — would have to dramatically cut the number of Corps members as well as the number of children who can participate in Jumpstart. The ball now shifts to the U.S. Congress, which will ultimately set the budget. Over the next few weeks, Congress will determine the fate of AmeriCorps by deciding how much money it elects to fund the agency for this fiscal year, and for 2018 and beyond. And they need to hear from you!

Think for just a moment about one of your partner children. Recall that instant when you realized you were finally breaking through and you and your partner child beamed with pride at the progress and sheer joy of learning.

Now imagine that there is another young child sitting in a crowded classroom in an often overlooked neighborhood. Will a Jumpstart team burst through the door of that classroom? Will a Corps member connect with that child and open the world of opportunity that flows from access to education? That is up to you now.

We live in a democracy, which means YOU have the POWER to engage your elected officials and compel them to represent you. All you need to do is use that power on behalf of future Corps members and the children they serve. It takes only a few minutes to email or call your two U.S. Senators and your member of Congress. And there are two really easy-to-use tools to make it simple and straightforward, which include sample talking points you can use. (Click the Call or Email buttons below to contact Congress today.)

No matter what happens in Washington, Jumpstart is committed to continuing to serve as many children in as many communities as possible, and your help now could ensure that our program can continue to grow, rather than shrink.

Your time with Jumpstart showed you the importance of speaking up for the children, families, and communities you serve. And now is the time to make your voice heard.

– Mark Reilly, VP of Policy & Government Relations

Together, we can help all children build the key language and literacy skills they need to take on the world.

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