Jumpstart Recognized As a Partner in Commitments to Action Announced at CGI America 2015

On June 9, 2015, at the fifth Clinton Global Initiative (America) (CGI) Meeting held in Denver, CO, Jumpstart was among several organizations and initiatives to be named as a partner in CGI’s Commitments to Action, a program that encourages cross-sector collaboration in order to address a pressing global challenge.

Jumpstart is a partner in two Commitments to Action:

  • “Wash Time is Talk Time: Early Literacy Promotion in Laundromats” is led by Too Small to Fail, a joint initiative of the Clinton Foundation and Next Generation focused on closing the “word gap,” and will launch as part of Jumpstart’s Read for the Record® on October 22, 2015 at laundromat locations in Oakland, CA.
  • “More Hopeful Futures Initiative” is led by the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, a collaborative effort launched in May 2010 to ensure that children from low-income communities succeed in school and graduate prepared for college, a career, and active citizenship.

As part of the “Wash Time is Talk Time: Early Literacy Promotion in Laundromats,” Jumpstart will partner with Too Small to Fail, the Coin Laundry Association, First 5 Alameda County, and Encore.org, to support children’s early language development by providing Too Small To Fail’s “Talking is Teaching: Talk, Read, Sing” resources and information to children and families at approximately 5,000 laundry locations nationwide. Through this Commitment to Action, Jumpstart will train volunteers from First 5 Alameda County and Encore.org to engage children and families at laundromat locations for monthly story times, and distribute free children’s books and supporting resources.

Also announced at CGI America in June 2015 was the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading’s “More Hopeful Futures Initiative,” which will launch in 2017 as the next phase in the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading’s decade-long effort to increase reading proficiency among children from low-income communities. The goal of the initiative is to reach over 50,000 children in low-income communities through screenings and supports to promote school readiness, school attendance, and summer learning. Through the More Hopeful Futures Initiative, the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading will engage over 2,100 civic and community based organizations, public libraries, public housing agencies, and higher-education institutions, and partner with over 200 family and community foundations, individual donors, corporate giving programs, and United Way chapters. Jumpstart will support this initiative by piloting its revised, research-based curriculum that emphasizes oral language and specifically focuses on social-emotional development.

To learn more about these and other Commitments to Action made through Clinton Global Initiatives (CGI), please see the full releases available here:

Together, we can help all children build the key language and literacy skills they need to take on the world.

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