Huffington Post Parents: The Missing Piece: Discovering the Joy in Parent-Child Reading

October 10, 2014 – Members of Jumpstart’s National Early Eduation Council (NEEC) discuss the importance of parent-child relationships in early education.

How can we help parents value their role in their child’s language and literacy? How can we ignite the joy that will instill fond memories while preparing their children for school? On October 16th the White House Conference on the 30-million word gap will convene with scientists and public relations folks sitting side by side. The Clinton Too Small to Fail staff will be there as will the Anne Casey Foundation — all considering ways to narrow the gap in language between lower and middle income children. Talking about the story in the book and the vibrant pictures offers a key way to narrow that gap. Now that parents understand the importance of reading, we need to ask: How we can bolster parents and caregivers so they make reading fun and engaging for their kids and for themselves? On October 21st, Jumpstart , an inspired non-profit organization promoted to helping children learn to read, will mount its Read for the Record Campaign. Last year, this initiative brought 2.4 million people to a single book generating a community with a common vocabulary that could speak to a common theme. Here too, let’s reinforce the wonder and awe in the way language and reading can be a platform for community discussion and for personal joy. Adding desire to need would be a welcome next step in the reading campaign.

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