The Value of Ridiculously Effective Teachers

by Orin Gutlerner

We are excited to announce that Jumpstart has established a new partnership with Match Education. Match Education designs and manages high-performing K-12 charter schools and leads a unique graduate school of education in Boston.

Orin Gutlerner is the founding Director of Match Teacher Residency (and his initials are really OMG). Prior to coming to Match, Mr. Gutlerner directed Harvard’s Undergraduate Teacher Education Program and did teacher recruitment/training policy work for the Massachusetts Department of Education.

The world that we live in has some pretty serious inequalities, especially in the field of education. When college graduation rates for low-income students hover around 10%, it’s clear that we have to find ways to make education fairer for all students. One of the ways that the Match Teacher Residency program addresses this challenge is to train jaw-droppingly effective rookie teachers who are passionate from day one about making a huge difference in the lives of their students.

What does that difference mean to students? Well, it means a ton. A great teacher raises students’ achievement, pushing them to make two-three years of progress in one academic year. Their test scores go up. Their college graduation rates go up. Even their lifetime income goes up. Check this out for the data.

Through the Match Teacher Residency program, we work tirelessly to develop the next generation of teachers. We have an intense, practice-based approach to teacher training that gets our residents in front of students, delivering lessons, and receiving tons of feedback on how they can improve.

I have admired the work that Jumpstart does across the country for a long time now and have loved working with Jumpstart Alumni in my many years running this program. Jumpstart Alums understand the challenges of being a teacher, are experienced beyond their peers in working with kids, and understand the balance of having a giant heart and having giant expectations for their students.

We have one of the coolest elementary schools in the country, where we offer the best training possible on how to succeed as a ridiculously effective teacher, working full-time in a high-need, high-performing school. And did I mention that 100% of our graduates get a job teaching in their first year out of the program? So if you are passionate about pursuing a career in education, or know someone who is, take the plunge and learn more about what Match Education has to offer.

To learn more about Match, join us for a webinar on March 19 at 6:30 pm.
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Together, we can help all children build the key language and literacy skills they need to take on the world.

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