The Power of the Jumpstart Red

Caitlin Furcillo is Jumpstart’s former Associate Director of Alumni Communications.

When I think about the word Alumni, I think of a group of people who are passionate about an organization or company that has made a strong impact on their life. Like many of you, Colleges come to my mind first, as they have some of the strongest Alumni programs in the world. As a graduate of Fairfield University in Connecticut (go Stags!), where I studied Communications and Marketing, I will forever be a longtime supporter of this institution. I strongly believe in the power of education and I am thrilled to join the Jumpstart family as Associate Director of Alumni Communications.

For our Corps members, when it comes time to retire their red Jumpstart t-shirts at the end of the school year, it’s a bittersweet day; saying goodbye to the smiling faces of the preschool children who they have become so accustomed to seeing every week. While the farewells are difficult, looking at the progress their partner children have made over the year, and the obstacles they have overcome, reminds us how truly unique and special our Corps members are.

Alumni are an organization’s most valuable resources – and we couldn’t agree more. We want our alumni to share their stories about their experiences as Corps members, we want to hear about how Jumpstart has made a difference in their lives, and we want to offer first-hand advice to others who are thinking about joining the Corps. As part of the Jumpstart Alumni Network, we also offer exclusive resources, events, and featured career opportunities to help our alumni further their careers in the education field.

As technology continues to evolve, making the internet and social media more accessible than ever, take a second to think about the news that catches your attention. I’d beg to guess that it’s not reports and statistics, but real stories, about real people, with powerful outcomes.

So whether you’re an alum, a Corps member, or a supporter, remember that Jumpstart gear never goes out of style. Make that person on the T, someone walking by you in rainy Seattle, or a stranger on the beach in San Fran ask you what Jumpstart is…they just might be the next Corps member.

To sign up to join the Jumpstart Alumni Network, click here.

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