Flowers that Help Us Grow

by Joy Errico Seusing

Joy Errico Seusing is Jumpstart’s former Senior Vice President of External Relations.

Throughout the month of September, Jumpstart will benefit from Winston Flowers’ Charity in Bloom program. When you purchase one of several beautiful arrangements, Winston Flowers will donate 20% of proceeds to Jumpstart!

There are so many reasons to celebrate in September! With Back to School season in full swing and National Grandparents Day this weekend, below are Jumpstart’s top five reasons to support our involvement in Charity in Bloom.

1. Support Jumpstart’s mission.

In low-income neighborhoods, children start kindergarten 60 percent behind their more affluent peers and most never catch up. By adulthood, our nation sees an increase in high school dropouts, teen pregnancy and juvenile delinquency. Jumpstart helps close the readiness gap by providing children from impoverished neighborhoods with the core language, literacy and social-emotional development skills to enter kindergarten prepared to succeed. Your purchase will help give thousands of children in low-income neighborhoods the “jumpstart” they need to begin the race of life on equal footing.

In 2012, we raised nearly $25,000 through Winston Flowers’ Charity in Bloom program. This year, we aim to go above and beyond and raise $50,000 for Jumpstart’s essential programming in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and the Tri-state area.

2. Prepare for a successful school year.

Celebrate the lack to School season and consider sending flowers to your favorite student or teacher as a token of your appreciation. We all know the incredible role teachers play in shaping a child’s life. So give them a break from the standard apple and decorate their desk with one of these fantastic arrangements!

3. Say thank you to grandma and grandpa.

This Sunday, September 8, is National Grandparents Day. Send flowers to a special grandparent in your life and thank them for years of love and care.

4. Celebrate National Literacy Month.

With literacy at the heart of Jumpstart’s mission, we invite you to celebrate National Literacy Month by purchasing one of these spectacular arrangements. Our children will benefit today and tomorrow.

5. Beautify your home!

There are no flowers like Winston Flowers. Spruce up your space with these fancy flowers and be reminded of your gift to Jumpstart for weeks to come.

Please visit to make your purchase today. Winston Flowers can deliver anywhere in the continental U.S. We look forward to a successful promotion ahead!

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