The New Look of Putting Children First

by Leah Brunson

Leah Brunson is the former Director of Marketing & Communications for Jumpstart where she leads Jumpstart’s national brand marketing strategy, including cause marketing initiatives, public relations, and alumni engagement.

Twenty years ago, 15 Jumpstart Corps members walked into a preschool classroom in New Haven, Connecticut with one simple idea in mind: every child deserves the chance to succeed. Today, those very first volunteers are joined by a network of 28,000 others who have given 50,000 children in low-income communities a jumpstart when they needed it most.

Just as our Corps members and the children we serve grow by leaps and bounds over the course of a school year, Jumpstart has evolved, too. We’ve improved our program, ensuring we base our service on the latest developments in early education and care. We’ve become a leading example of the incredible power of engaging caring adults in service. And we’ve expanded our reach from coast to coast, bringing us even closer to the day every child in America enters kindergarten prepared to succeed.

As we honor our history and look forward to our future, our 20th anniversary is the perfect time to turn the page on the next chapter of the Jumpstart story. In celebration of this incredible milestone, we’re thrilled to unveil a new look that highlights our focus on putting children first.

The new logo includes two intentional components: the “Jump” portion juxtaposed with the hand type “start” and sweep graphic. These elements illustrate the importance of giving children the core foundation necessary to enter kindergarten prepared to succeed, while also showcasing the exuberance of the children we serve. We’ve underlined the “start” in our logo to highlight the critical window for early learning. This combination reflects every age group and demonstrates the adult-child relationship forged between our Corps members and the children we serve.

You’ll now see Jumpstart’s new identity across our various marketing vehicles. From our rebranded website and newsletter to our Twitter and Facebook pages, we’re celebrating the new look of Jumpstart in a big way. With the Jumpstart brand impacting everything we do, we realize that fully implementing a change like this will take time. If you see the old logo being used, know that we’re doing our best to update it everywhere it appears.

The launch of our new brand has left us all exclaiming with shouts of joy. Beyond the excitement of a new logo, modernized photography and an energizing color pallet is our core mission: to work toward the day every child in America enters kindergarten prepared to succeed. Our new identity keeps our mission at the forefront and supports our work to positively impact tens of thousands of children across the country. We know it’s not what’s behind our children, it’s who’s behind them—and with the right support they can concentrate on what’s ahead.

We hope you’ll join us in our next chapter as we renew our commitment to put children first.

Together, we can help all children build the key language and literacy skills they need to take on the world.

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