Scribbles to Novels New York City

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On Thursday, April 14th, over 400 supporters gathered for the 11th annual Scribbles to Novels gala at Pier Sixty in New York City. 
Fashion photographer and celebrity auctioneer, Nigel Barker, and actress Bridget Moynahan joined featured speakers, Corban Addison and Laila Ibrahim, and acclaimed authors, Marisa Acocella Marchetto, Judy Batalion, Miranda Beverly-Whittemore, Dr. Eric Dinerstein, John C. Ford, Pamela Newkirk, Dr. Michael Sampson, Domenica Ruta, and Meg Wolitzer, to celebrate the power of the written word while underscoring the importance of early education for all children. 
This year’s featured authors had a wide range of expertise and writing styles, and the cocktail hour was abuzz as guests visited the authors' tables to pick up signed copies of fiction, non-fiction, memoir, graphic novels, and young adult books. 
During dinner, featured speakers Corban Addison and Laila Ibrahim, both spoke about the importance of not giving up, of believing in yourself and in others, and trying your hardest even when you're unsure if you can succeed. Important lessons for anyone from preschool to retirement age, and something our featured Jumpstart Corps member Stephany Colon spoke so beautifully about in the video shown during the event program (Check out the video below). 
Thank you to all of our featured speakers, authors, and special guests for not only sharing your time with us on Thursday, April 14, but for also helping Jumpstart raise over $1 million (and counting!)
From a live boxing demonstration to the standing ovation for Corps member, Stephany Colon, the evening was filled with excitement and we look forward to celebrating Scribbles to Novels with you again next year! 




Featured Speakers


Corban Addison 

Laila Ibrahim 

Authors Circle

Marisa Acocella Marchetto

Dr. Michael Sampson

Pamela Newkirk

Meg Wolitzer

Dr. Eric Dinerstein

Judy Batalion

Domenica Ruta

Miranda Beverly-Whittemore

John C. Ford



Special Guests

Bridget Moynahan

Nigel Barker



Host Committee

Anne Turner & Alan Riffkin, Co-Chairs
Milena AlbertiAli & David Kamin
Lorie Almon & Mitch BompeyAllegra Kochman
Rebecca & Jesse AngeloHilda Kogut
Dale Atkins-Rosen & Robert RosenJay & Kathy Lathen
Kaija & Peter BrausKellie & Jeff Lerner
Milano BuckleyJennifer & Andrew Marrus
Kirsten Axelson Carmel & David CarmelCynthia Mitchell
Kyong & Brad ColemanKim Mitchell
Tom ConnollySarah Mlynowski
Allison Devore & Ross LevinskyKrisztina & Brian Rivel
Laura EnslerChrista Robinson
Stephen EpsteinLoretta & Chris Stadler
Lucy Green & Mark FlanneryMeridith Sopher & Ted Stachtiaris
Karen Hershey & Larry GreenBetty Weintraub
Nancy & Max JusticzMolly Wythes & Jim Farmer






Mr. & Mrs. James A. Haslam III

Loretta & Christopher Stadler 




Terrence & Nicola Mullen





Lorie Almon & Mitch Bompey 
Rebecca & Jesse Angelo
Lisa Carnoy
Kyong & Brad Coleman 
Laura Ensler & David Rivel 
Jim Farmer & Molly Wythes
Andrew & Jennifer Marrus
Ted Stachtiaris & Meridith Sopher