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Welcome, Jumpstart Alumni!

Learning to lead. Serving the community. Making a difference. 
These are just a few of the important lessons you’ve learned serving with Jumpstart. And they’ll last a lifetime when you join the Jumpstart Alumni Network. 

Who’s eligible?

All Corps members, team leaders and volunteer coordinators who have completed one year of service with Jumpstart are eligible to join—even if you’re still serving with Jumpstart.

What are the benefits?

Stay connected. Our alumni typically pursue careers in public service and related fields. By joining the Jumpstart Alumni Network, you’ll preserve valuable professional relationships, and connect with new faces in your field.
Access resources. We’re experts in early education. And that’s because we have an array of changemakers and leaders who support our efforts and guide important research.  As a member of the Jumpstart Alumni Network, you’ll benefit from our thought-leadership.
Take action. If you’ve served or are serving with Jumpstart, you’re passionate about making a difference. Keep yourself informed and engaged by signing up for our newsletter, to receive Jumpstart news and opportunities to serve the community.